Moving House


I was enjoying a quiet Sunday evening on my own, and about to head to bed, when I heard lots of raised voices outside our house. I went outside, and found that the house a few doors down was being moved. I quickly grabbed my camera and tripod and started shooting as the action unfolded.

The house was slowly moved down the street. As it went over the kerb, it swung from side-to-side eliciting a bunch of gasps from some of the onlookers. It moved about twenty metres down the street, then stopped. It was on an interesting angle (controlled by an operator) as the movers tried to get the house past various obstacles including some trees by the side of the road.

Then, to the disbelief of the onlookers, after about twenty minutes, the house was reversed back to its original site. Someone had made an error and the house couldn’t be moved any further up the street.

Next day, it was stuck on its trailer where it remains, waiting for another suitable time to move it.

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